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Holland app is a multi-language and free to download marketing and advertisement application to facilitate advertisement for smart phone users. Developed by Panzy which is a Netherlands based online marketing company, is aimed to publish advertisements and work as a yellow page for small and large businesses. The target group is mainly new immigrants to the Netherlands as well as citizens, tourists and businesspersons who travel to the country.

As a yellow page for new comers, Holland Bazar edits and categorizes services. The app makes it really simple to find any service, product or even Dutch classes.
People can use the app to order online, visit a store nearby or contact an international organization. It would help the user to save time and money. Holland Bazar not only enhances access to businesses for migrants, it also provides necessary information to live in the Netherlands. Introducing tourist attractions, necessary telephone numbers and useful websites are all parts of the app. We also provide news and information about the Netherlands including sports, politics and economy. This application is free for users.
No adult content will be published and any advertisement is subject to control to make sure that they do not violate any local and international laws. The application wil provide information in different languages mainly English, Dutch, Persian, and Arabic.
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